Paleo Sweets Cookbook by Kelsey Ale Review – 4 Reasons I Love These Recipes

Paleohacks are giving away their best-selling healthy dessert cookbook for free. Are they crazy? It’s a celebration, damn it! The guys are celebrating, and they honestly want to do it with us!

In 2017 alone, Paleo Sweets sold 207,133 copies, making it the No.1 best-selling healthy dessert cookbook for 2017-2018. Paleo desserts contain NO dairy, NO gluten, NO grains, NO sugar, and NO unnatural ingredients.

Right now they are giving away 500 prints of the book, to dessert nuts just like you and me, for FREE! Click here to see if the FREE copies are still available.

Why Paleo Sweets? And Why Should I Grab My Copy Today?
• With Paleo Sweets cookbook, you get 70 paleo-friendly desserts in a 173-page printout
• You will regenerate your health, increase your energy levels and make your skin look years younger by just eating these desserts
The 3 FREE-gifts you get for claiming your Paleo Sweets cookbook:
1. Crazy About Chocolate eBook
2. Ingredient Substitute eBook
3. 10 Minutes or Less Paleo Desserts eBook
Note: If you a big “Sold Out” banner, it means that they’ve given away all 500 of the FREE copies of Paleo Sweets. Click here to see if the banner has appeared
In a nutshell, you get a special bonus of 3 FREE Gifts worth $39.85 when you claim your free copy of Paleo Sweets today; it means:

1. You Get the No. 1 Best-Selling Healthy Dessert Book, Paleo Sweets

Entirely, you get 70 paleo-friendly dessert recipes in this hard copy of Paleo Sweets that will tantalize your taste buds.

These recipes in here were tested for 6 months before publishing. Apart from being yummy, and healthy, these desserts look amazing. The cookies are crispy and chewy.

Claim your FREE copy before they run out!

2. Free Gift 1 – Crazy About Chocolate EBook ( $14.95)

All chocolate lovers, I included, should have already grabbed their copy. This 17-page eBook has 11 unparalleled chocolate recipes. To mention just a few, it has recipes for Fudgy Paleo Brownies, Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chunky Monkey Popsicles and much more.

These yummy snacks are a perfect-fit for parties, events or to satiate a late-night chocolate craving! This FREE-gift is worth $14.95, and it now belongs to you along with your copy of Paleo Sweets.

3. FREE Gift 2 – Ingredient Substitution EBook ($9.95 )

Most people who go Paleo are usually trying to avoid a specific ingredient. If you fall under this category, snatch the Ingredient Substitution EBook and devour its pages.

For example, if you are allergic to eggs and honey makes your heart produce irregular rhythms, this book has a solution for you. Just open the Ingredient Substitution book and you’ll find natural alternatives for each ingredient you hate.

If making desserts is your hobby, you know that substituting recipes can be a nightmare. In this book, they have configured the correct substitution for you.

Get your copy of Paleo Sweets and receive a copy of the Ingredient Substitution eBook, at ZERO costs.

4. FREE Gift 3 – 10 Minutes Or Less Paleo Desserts EBook ($14.95)

If your schedule is busy and you are always on the run, then these fast and easy desserts will a saving grace. Each tasty, paleo dessert inside this free eBook can take 10 minutes or less to prepare!

Make yourself an easy dessert dinner anytime or prepare a fast dessert for a get-together you were about to forget.

Some of the 10-minute recipes for mouth-watering desserts in this eBook include Dark Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Turmeric Truffles. Altogether you get 12 delicious, paleo desserts prepared in 10 minutes.

The 2 Questions You Are About To Ask

a. Is the Paleo Sweets cookbook free?

Yes, Paleo Sweets is 100%-FREE! All they ask is, you pay a minimal fee to cover the shipping and handling and they’ll take care of everything else.

They offer 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the book, they’ll refund you all you paid for shipping and handling. Additionally, you will keep the book, and the 3 FREE.

b. Is the taste of desserts in Paleo Sweets the same as that of the real thing?

See feedback from a reader:

“I made the Paleo Oreos, and when my husband came home I pounced at the door, pushing the cookie in his face excitedly telling him to, “Try it, try it!” Of course, his nose wrinkled but he took a bite, chewed it, popped the rest in his mouth & declared, “Those taste just like OREOS!” I was never so happy over a silly cookie “Jen Krieger – Allen, MS


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